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Novo Nordisk are looking for 4 new employees in 2022

Novo Nordisk and Specialisterne are now starting the fifth Project Opportunity.
Project Opportunity aims to create job opportunities for neurodivergent people (for example people with autism) at Novo Nordisk. The four positions are divided into four departments with three different locations:


  • Operator – Måløv
  • Data Scientist – Måløv
  • Administrative quality assurance – Søborg
  • Administrative management assistant – Bagsværd

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At Specialisterne, we have 17 years of experience building those bridges needed to connect talents with the need for skilled labor. Based on our tested methods, we create a tailor-made solution and delivery set-up for your company.

IT consultants

Find the solutions to your IT challenges through consultants who are specialised in testing, development, data handling and DevOps.

Hiring through recruitment

Let us help you find qualified manpower for your company. We have access to a large number of talents and are able to find the competencies that you need.

Management Program

Strengthen your management team through our Management Program, ensuring that your company sets up the framework for diversity and achieves the benefits of inclusion.

Do as our co-operation partners do and achieve the benefits of neurodiversity

Copenhagen Airport

“The consultants are not afraid of technology. Whatever task we have presented them with, they have just started working on it with eagerness and honesty, and their ability to concentrate over a long period of time is a very useful skill when performing this job.”

Semler Gruppen

“The consultant approaches every single task with the same level of meticulousness and solves all problems in exactly the same way. That leads to a very high level of efficiency and credibility in our test function. Very quickly, the consultant detects minor errors in existing or new functions.”

Novo Nordisk

“The recruitment process was so efficient from the beginning that all candidates would have been able to do the job during the final 2-week course just using the skills that they already had. They were all very talented. The departments decided whom to hire. ”

Global presence

Specialisterne works in 20 countries and run offices in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Mexico, Spain and USA.

Specialisterne Academy

At Specialisterne, we never compromise on the quality of the work of our consultants. The purpose of Specialisterne Academy is to quality assure the professional and technical competencies of our candidates. Our demands are high and that is why this process has been designed to challenge all candidates within various areas of The 4 Tracks that we work with. Testing, Development, Data Handling and DevOps.


The autism advantage

When you, the company, invest in neurodivergent employees with autism, you get a chance to utilise their specific competencies that we call the Autism Advantage. Like with all other people, their competencies vary, depending on their interests and experience. But their main strengths are the fact that they are reliable, meticulous, persistent and very innovative when approaching their work tasks. That is why they are the specialists – and we are not.

Bina Hjorth, kommerciel leder, Specialisterne

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