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Do you have the skills but lack the job? We help you, who think a little differently than other people, to land your first or next job

Become a consultant at Specialisterne Solutions

Danish companies have realized that we can provide high quality IT services. We are therefore looking for new consultants for our consulting team. Right now we have tasks for 5-6 new and skilled consultants who will work with some of the largest and most global companies in Denmark. Our office is located in Ballerup, but our customers are located throughout the Greater Copenhagen area.

About you

You have strong competencies within one of the areas we work in: Data Management, Testing, Test Automation, Development and DevOps. You are a recent graduate from a relevant educational institution, for example ITU, DTU, CBS, Zealand or KUA. Or you are self-taught and have acquired your skills in other ways.

You may be in your first job and feel that you need a workplace that is more inclusive, understands that you are special and needs competent and present management. You may perceive yourself as one of the 15% of the population who are neurodivergentand therefore think a little differently than other people.


Why you should work at Specialisterne Solutions

  • We will find the right tasks for you
  • You will work with Denmark’s largest companies
  • We allow you to work with your deep professionalism
  • We focus on the good working environment with humane working hours
  • We guarantee that you get a good and spacious manager
  • You become part of a global company

Meet some of our consultants

At Specialisterne, we build the bridges connecting talents with the need for qualified manpower.

We believe that everybody has the right to contribute to the community and that a rich society must look outwards and embrace all types of diversity.

Job seekers

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Apply for Specialisterne Academy

Specialisterne Academy is an employment-creating process for people who are missing the last step in order to land an IT job. This course lasts 12 weeks and provides you with a great opportunity to find a job afterwards.

Become an IT consultant

Our network is expanding and we are always looking for good IT consultants who would like to create value for our customers. As an IT consultant, you will be working with: Testing, Data Handling, Development and DevOps.

Unsolicited application for the recruitment projects

At Specialisterne, we continuously recruit neurodivergent profiles for various companies. You are more than welcome to send us an unsolicited application. If your competencies match the needs of a company, we will contact you.

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